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Web services support

Developers and IT organizations won't implement any important Web services without being able to guarantee that they will be executed in a guaranteed manner. -- Ronald Schmelzer, ZapThink

In traditional ACID transaction systems, transactions are short lived, resources (such as databases) are locked for the duration of the transaction and participants have a high degree of trust with each other. With the advent of the Internet and Web services, the scenario that is now emerging requires involvement of participants unknown to each other in distributed transactions. These transactions have the following characteristics:

  • Transactions may be of a long duration, sometimes lasting hours, days, or more.
  • Participants may not allow their resources to be locked for long durations.
  • The communication infrastructure between participants may not be reliable.
  • Some of the ACID properties of traditional transactions are not mandatory.
  • A transaction may succeed even if only some of the participants choose to confirm and others cancel.
  • All participants may choose to have their own coordinator (Transaction Manager), because of lack of trust.
  • All activities are logged.
  • Transactions that have to be rolled back have the concept of compensation.

How does Narayana address these issues?

Building on the industry proven J2EE transaction technology, version 4.0 adds native support for Web services transactions by providing all of the components necessary to build interoperable, reliable, multi-party, Web services-based applications with the minimum of effort. The programming interfaces are based on the Java API for XML Transactioning (JAXTX) and the product includes protocol support for the WS-AtomicTransaction and WS-BusinessActivity specifications. JBossTS 4.2 is designed to support multiple coordination protocols and therefore helps to future-proof transactional applications.

Apache License Version 2.0

All dependencies of this project are available under the Apache License Version 2.0.