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This page contains references to presentations that have been given over the years around various aspects of the JBoss Transaction Service (or its predecessor, the Arjuna Transaction Service).

A webinar on JBoss Transactions 4.2.

XA recovery in ATS 3.2.

An overview of the 1.0 release of the Web Services Transactions component..

OASIS WS-TX overview. by Mark Little, October 29th 2007, OASIS Forum, London.

General Presentations

Transaction Processing in a Service Oriented Architecture. by Mark Little, November 26th 2007. Key note at DOA 2007.

Research areas in transactions. by Mark Little, June 11th 2007. Key note at YRSOC07.

Integrating replication with transactions. by Mark Little, circa 1991. None of this exists in the current system, but may be of historic interest.

Describing the work done with IBM on developing an extended transaction framework in the OMG. by Mark Little et al, Middleware 2001 conference.

A description of the evolution of JBossTS from academic project to commercial product. Presented at the USENIX Workshop on Industrial Experiences with Systems Software, Boston, MA, USA, 8 December 2002.

An updated evolution of JBossTS presentation. Presented at the High Performance Transaction Systems workshop, Asilomar, September 2005.

The Development of Web Transactions. Presented at the OMG workshop on Web Services, 2001.

Web Services Transactions: Past, Present and Future. Presented at the XML 2003 conference, Philadelphia, 2003.

A review of all proposed transaction specifications for Web Services. An invited talk at SIGMOD 2004 in Paris.

Activity Service Overview. Presented at a Bluestone offsite, Paris, 2000. Slide 3 requires some explanation: when the specification came up for adoption, both myself and my friend/colleague from IBM, Iain Houston, had to present it to the OMG Architecture Board; the hats were mandatory. To Iain's right is Andrew Watson, VP and Technical Director of the OMG, whom I've known since his days at the pioneering ANSA project. He had a hand in the hat construction!

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