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Narayana implements the Jakarta Transactions 2.0 specification.

Narayana is a 100% Java implementation of a distributed transaction management system based on the Java Transaction Service (JTS) specification. Our implementation of the JTS utilizes the Object Management Group's (OMG) Object Transaction Service (OTS) model for transaction interoperability as referenced in Jakarta Enterprise Beans section 8.1.3 and leads the market in providing many advanced features such as fully distributed transactions and ORB portability with POA support.

Narayana can be run both as an embedded distributed service of an application server (e.g., WildFly), affording the user all the added benefits of the application server environment such as real-time load balancing, unlimited linear scalability and unmatched fault tolerance that allows you to deliver an always-on solution to your customers. It is also available as a free-standing Java Transaction Service.

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