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This project is developed and released by Red Hat with assistance from the Java developer community. The project lead is appointed by Red Hat, and has the power to accept and reject contributions to the project and set the roadmap. Red Hat employees assigned to work on Narayana as well as community contributors, in this regard, all answer to the project lead.

Requirement Definition

The requirements and roadmap for Narayana are driven by Red Hat and by the community. Typically, when a major release is being planned, the project lead will take input from both Red Hat and the community, and evaluate what can be done in the necessary time. This will define what features will be addressed in a given release. The project lead will then publish the roadmap on the developers mailing list, and update the version information in JIRA.

Narayana is part of the commercial (yet open source) JBoss Enterprise Application Platform product, so many requirements for Narayana come from its users. However, all requirements are fed into the same community process that our community users follow. We create JIRAs for all feature requests on our schedule.

If you are interested in EAP you can download it for free on the JBoss.ORG website.

The best way for you to suggest requirements for a future release of Narayana is to enter a feature request in JIRA. Lobbying for features using the voting feature in JIRA, and posting to the community forums, is a great way to express interest as well. Although, contributing is the single most expedient way to get a capability into a particular release.

Release Cycle

Narayana releases frequently. We deliver frequent milestones, typically one a month, and support building from main for those that wish to be on the bleeding edge.


Narayana welcomes, thrives on and greatly values community contribution.

Apache License Version 2.0

All dependencies of this project are available under the Apache License Version 2.0.