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Legacy Narayana Versions

4.17.27.Final2014-12-23Apache-2.0Narayana 4.17.27.Final Source Code
4.16.6.Final2012-10-02Apache-2.0Narayana 4.16.6.Final Source Code
4.15.0.Final2011-04-26Apache-2.0Narayana 4.15.0.Final Source Code
4.13.1.Final2010-10-06Apache-2.0Narayana 4.13.1.Final Source Code
4.11.0.Final2010-05-14Apache-2.0Narayana 4.11.0.Final Source Code
4.9.0.GA2009-12-14Apache-2.0Narayana 4.9.0.GA Source Code
4.8.0.GAWed Oct 07 11:20:06 EDT 2009Apache-2.0Narayana 4.8.0.GA Source Code
4.7.0.GAMon Jun 29 15:47:24 EDT 2009Apache-2.0Narayana 4.7.0.GA Source Code
4.6.1.GAMon Jun 29 15:47:24 EDT 2009Apache-2.0Narayana 4.6.1.GA Source Code
4.5.0.GAMon Jun 29 15:46:09 EDT 2009Apache-2.0Narayana 4.5.0.GA Source Code
4.4.0.CR1Mon Jun 29 15:45:16 EDT 2009Apache-2.0Narayana 4.4.0.CR1 Source Code
4.3.GAMon Jun 29 15:45:16 EDT 2009Apache-2.0Narayana 4.3.GA Source Code
4.2.3.SP7Mon Jun 29 15:51:42 EDT 2009Apache-2.0Narayana 4.2.3.SP7 Source Code

Apache License Version 2.0

All dependencies of this project are available under the Apache License Version 2.0.