• Class
    helper to support retrieval of durable AT participant recovery state from participant
    This class is a plug-in module for the recovery manager.
    asbstract class used to implement save, recover and reactivate API for durable XTS participants.
    an interface which can be implemented by AT participants which wish to save recovery state at prepare which they can subsequently use to restore the participant state if a crash happnes bteween prepare and commit/rollback
    Abstract class defining API for managing both paritcipant and coordinator recovery On hteparticipant this is responsible for saving WS-AT participant recovery records during prepare, deleting them at commit and recreating and reactivating them during recovery.
    A class which manages the table of recovered participant records.
    an interface implemented by applications which wish to be involved in recovering saved participants after a crash.
    A recovery module which recovers durable participants registered by subordinate coordinators