Class Helper


public class Helper extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • Helper

      public Helper()
  • Method Details

    • localAction

      public static final BasicAction localAction(Control control)
      Given a Control_ptr determine if this is a reference to a local action, and if so return the raw BasicAction pointer.
    • localControl

      public static final ControlImple localControl(Control control)
    • getUidCoordinator

      public static final UidCoordinator getUidCoordinator(Control control)
    • getUidCoordinator

      public static final UidCoordinator getUidCoordinator(Coordinator coord)
    • isUidCoordinator

      public static final boolean isUidCoordinator(Coordinator ref)
    • getUid

      public static final Uid getUid(UidCoordinator coord)